CEO Perspectives

Embracing Sustainability Challenge

Business Roundtable CEOs are embracing environmentally sustainable practices across their businesses, resulting in stronger communities and a healthier environment.

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Mar 22

Business and Congressional Leaders Highlight Need for Strategic, Long-Term Approach to Address Trade Barriers in China

Diversity & Inclusion

Promoting diversity and inclusion isn’t just a goal that organizations should strive to achieve. It is our responsibility to create opportunities for people of all backgrounds across America.

"Building a more diverse and inclusive environment is the promise we make to each other, and something all of us strive to carry out each and every day. The commitment we embrace at Johnson & Johnson is shared by the CEOS of the Business Roundtable." - Alex Gorsky, Johnson & Johnson.

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Boosting Workforce Skills & Expanding Job Opportunities

The Workforce Partnership Initiative (WPI) is a CEO-led initiative created by the Business Roundtable to increase the skills and diversity of America’s workforce and fill open jobs in growing industries around the country. The WPI will establish partnerships with education and community leaders to align local business needs with the development of career pathway programs.

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