Infrastructure Financing and Funding

An Urgent Need To Invest In America's Infrastructure

Investing in America’s infrastructure is an investment in supporting U.S. workers, households and communities. The cost of continued inaction is too high, and the stakes are too large. Financing and funding infrastructure needs to be a priority for every policymaker.

As a result of inadequate infrastructure investment, American businesses pay $27 billion annually due to extra freight transportation costs, lenthening shipping delays and raising prices on consumer goods.

America’s business leaders understand the urgency of this challenge and are committed to smart, innovative strategies to maintain and upgrade our nation’s roads, sea and air ports, water systems and other infrastructure assets.

S&P Global Chairman and CEO Doug Peterson on America's Infrastructure

S&P Global Chairman and CEO Doug Peterson on America's Infrastructure

Federal and state governments are responsible for committing consistent and reliable funding streams to support key infrastructure projects and to enact policies that better enable the private sector to invest in significant infrastructure initiatives.

If infrastructure policies and funding levels remain at their recent levels, national congestion costs will grow from $160 billion in 2014 to $192 billion in 2020 (2014 dollars).

Congress must ultimately come up with a long-term solution to shore up federal trust funds that support highways, inland waterways and ports. America’s economy depends on it.

“When people think about infrastructure they don’t think just about this as a short term investment or a short term expense.”

Doug Peterson

Chairman and CEO, S&P Global

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