Smart Regulation

Business Roundtable advocates for a smart, balanced approach to regulation that supports innovation, economic growth and job creation. Excessive regulation hurts the economy and increases costs for American consumers.

Permitting Reform

The current permitting process is a roadblock to upgrading aging transportation and water systems, building traditional and clean energy infrastructure projects, expanding access to broadband and making our infrastructure more resilient to evolving threats like cyberattacks and climate change. Reasonable and responsible changes to the permitting process would make it easier to build infrastructure, spur economic growth and create American jobs.

Modernizing Regulation

Business Roundtable CEOs support policies that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the federal regulatory system while protecting health, safety and environmental quality. Leaders in the business and policy communities have grown increasingly concerned about the adverse economic impacts associated with excessive regulation in general and a burdensome permitting process in particular.

Smart Regulation for the Innovation Economy

Business Roundtable’s “Smart Regulation for the Innovation Economy” report outlines how modernizing and improving the regulatory system would reinvigorate the economy, foster innovation and help meet infrastructure and clean energy goals.

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