Smart Regulation

A dynamic and prosperous U.S. economy demands a smart, streamlined approach to regulation that protects American workers and our environment while also promoting innovation, economic growth and job creation.

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The Trump Administration has taken important strides to modernize federal regulations and reduce costly federal red tape, but much work remains. Business Roundtable CEOs support policies that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the federal regulatory system while protecting health, safety and environmental quality.

American Innovation Has Suffered Under Excessive Red Tape

Americans spend 11.5 billion man hours yearly on paperwork. We spend more time on government forms than on grocery shopping or even walking. We need to search for a better way to get people to spend less time on things like paperwork, and more time on imagination, ideas and innovation.

Inefficient and complex federal permitting processes continue to delay meaningful projects and investments that will stimulate job creation and economic growth. Overlapping agency jurisdiction is creating uncertainty and increasing costs on businesses, communities, and consumers. Outdated and unnecessary regulations continue to inhibit innovation and decrease U.S. economic competitiveness, making America a less attractive place to create the next generation of groundbreaking products and services.

Business Roundtable CEOs support legislative and administrative actions to increase transparency and public engagement in the federal regulatory process, improve the quality of information and cost-benefit analyses used in federal rulemaking, and expedite federal permitting and approval. These reforms are essential to ensure the United States remains a global leader in innovation so America’s businesses and workers can continue to compete and win in the 21st century.