Tax & Fiscal Policy

Business Roundtable supports a competitive, pro-growth tax code that encourages investment in the U.S., grows the economy and expands opportunity for all Americans. Tax increases on businesses and job creators would undermine America’s ability to compete internationally, create better jobs and increase wages for employees.

Competitive U.S. Tax System

Prior to the 2017 tax reform, the U.S. corporate rate was one of the highest among developed countries, which incentivized moving jobs and investment overseas. Tax reform leveled the playing field for American businesses and workers, spurring investment in the U.S. and helping to return $2.1 trillion in international earnings. Business Roundtable encourages policymakers to resist calls for higher business taxes and restore key expired provisions of the tax reform.

International Tax System

Business Roundtable supports action at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to create a level playing field for American businesses. However, the Biden Administration negotiated a deal that leaves U.S. companies paying substantially more than their counterparts, including Chinese competitors. With other countries moving forward on a global minimum tax, Business Roundtable urges policymakers to act to keep U.S. companies internationally competitive.

Economic Impacts of Globally Engaged U.S. Companies 

Globally engaged U.S. companies support over half of all private sector American jobs and U.S. gross domestic product. To ensure that globally engaged U.S. companies can continue to compete and win, policymakers and regulators should maintain a competitive tax and regulatory environment.

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