Modern physical infrastructure is a critical driver of increased investment, job creation and overall economic growth. Business Roundtable supports policies that upgrade and expand America’s key infrastructure systems — transportation, water, energy and communications — for the 21st century by increasing public and private investment and modernizing permitting processes.

Permitting Reform

The current permitting process is a roadblock to upgrading aging transportation and water systems, building traditional and clean energy infrastructure projects, expanding access to broadband and making our infrastructure more resilient to evolving threats like cyberattacks and climate change. Reasonable and responsible changes to the permitting process would make it easier to build infrastructure, spur economic growth and create American jobs.

Benefits of Infrastructure Investment 

Infrastructure supports a modern, competitive U.S. economy, and is a catalyst for the connections and creativity that will power the innovation and economy of the future. Business Roundtable’s Delivering for America report examines the macroeconomic impacts of reinvesting in America’s infrastructure systems.

Broadband Principles 

Too many Americans — particularly in rural and low-income communities — lack access to high-speed internet. Business Roundtable supports legislation and policies to improve access to broadband and remote devices that would help underserved Americans participate further in the economy and American society. 

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