Education and Workforce ICYMI: Business Roundtable Workforce Chair Urges Passage of WIOA Modernization Bill

Apr 8, 2024

Ahead of House consideration of H.R. 6655, A Stronger Workforce for America Act, Scott Kirby, Chief Executive Officer of United Airlines and Business Roundtable Education and Workforce Committee Chair, sent a letter to Members of Congress urging passage. 

In the letter, Kirby outlined the benefits of modernizing the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA):

“Improving how the federal government invests in workforce development will better prepare U.S. workers for in-demand careers; enable businesses to more readily fill the nearly nine million open jobs with skilled workers; and advance recent federal investments in industries key to strengthening U.S. economic growth and competitiveness.”

Kirby also wrote about the deficiencies with the current workforce development system: 

“The public workforce development system is not keeping up with the economy. The system is inefficient, ineffective and too cumbersome to use at scale. Too few Americans — particularly those with employment barriers — can access needed training, and too few businesses utilize the system as a solution to evolving workforce needs.”

Kirby concluded by noting how reforming WIOA will help build an ever-ready U.S. workforce: 

“These important reforms would enable business leaders to work with public and private stakeholders at the state, regional, and local levels to benefit workers and communities and drive economic growth. … Business Roundtable urges you to support A Stronger Workforce for America Act. … We remain committed to working with you to build this ever-ready U.S. workforce.”   

For the full letter, click here

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